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Physio Led Personal Training

Rehabilitation Sessions

Injuries can be extremely hard and stop us from participating in the sports and hobbies we love. It is very easy to become deconditioned during a time of injury as we can't always participate in our normal fitness routine. So much time and focus is spent on the injury rather than fitness as a whole. 

We understand that you don't always need weekly hands on physiotherapy but want to exercise in a safe manner and have guidance to achieve your rehabilitation goals knowing the correct way to progress your injury. We want to bridge the gap between the Physiotherapy sessions and Personal Training creating rehabilitation fitness sessions that allow you to be guided through your injury rehab and the return to your sport and fitness.


These sessions will be lead by our Therapist whom is a qualified Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer. You will be guided through a tailored program to optimise your fitness whilst being mindful of your injury and taking you through the end stage recovery process to achieve and maintain your optimal level of fitness and that all important return to sport and hobbies. 

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