Pilates for Surfers

We've teamed up with @flowsurfco, to break down why Pilates is perfect for surfers & run through some simple Pilates exercises which are great for surfers! Check out the full blog at @flowsurfco website and a video below for extra detail.

A typical surf session (especially in the UK) can be spent 5% riding waves, 45% sitting and waiting for that perfect wave and 50% of the time paddling and fighting the waves, so when we catch that wave we need the optimum control and precision to make the most of that adrenaline rush and feeling of freedom on the wave.


Surfing is a combination of graceful and seemingly effortless movement with strength, endurance, flexibility and exceptional control whilst competing with the natural elements, forces of momentum, gravity and water. These highly repetitive and complex movements place undue stress on surfers bodies not to mention a slight off balance or misjudgement, this could be the difference to riding out the wave and being dumped off it.


So why is it we are happy to sit and wait for the perfect wave, yet rarely do we invest in our surfing on dry land. Is it because of time? We just thrive for the adrenaline? Or purely we just don't realise the benefits of preparing our body? What if we could invest in time outside of the water to build our optimum precision, strength, flexibility, control, endurance and prevent injuries, well that's where Pilates comes in…….


Check out @flowsurfco for the full blog and break down of exercises